Thai Cabbage Salad

This weekend, I went camping.

And for me, camping means snacks. We’re talking chips, hot dogs, jujubes, cookies – the right equation for a Monday guilt-trip . Pair that with cake (delicious cake) for a co-workers birthday and you’ve got me starved for some veggies.

I’m a huge fan of Southeast Asian flavours. You’ve got everything all at once. Spicy red pepper, acidic rice vinegar, savoury sesame oil, salty soy, tart lime and sweet honey. Not to mention garlic and cilantro (really, I’d eat those on anything).

My Monday consists of a workday, then a workout, followed by groceries and finally supper. I try to make dishes that last more than one meal and are easy to prepare.

This recipe meets all of my Monday needs: quick, healthy and delicious. I added a grilled chicken breast, with a few little candied peanuts for extra crunch.






















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