Peach and bourbon upside down cake

Whenever I indulge in a drink, it’s usually gin.

Call it pine-y, but I like the refreshing, almost herbal taste. Especially with ice cold soda water and some cucumber. I’m drooling (it’s also a day off and 30 degrees – high time for highballs). 

Though I do love my G&S combo, this was the summer of bourbon. I’m not a huge fan of that sticky, sweet burning sensation on its own, but pair some bourbon with a big ol’ pitcher of lemonade and I’m hooked. 

This cake followed a meal of Dr. Pepper pulled pork, salad and the aforementioned bourbon lemonade. It was like a tribute to the gods of summer – spicy, sunny and seasonal. 


I’m an absolute sucker for summer peaches. The ones used in this recipe came from a massive basket of Ontario peaches (the best, in my opinion). Their sweetness, paired with the boozy smack of bourbon, made for a next level upside down cake. 

Ever had a pineapple upside down cake? This one works in much the same way. Stacking a simple caramel, fresh fruit and a light, airy cake before baking it and promptly dumping it out of the pan onto it’s peach-studded head. 

Serve it with whipped cream. Wow your friends. Drink more bourbon. Eat more cake. The cycle continues. 


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