10 Christmas recipes to Fa-la-la-la-la in love with

It has been a very busy holiday season.

Some mornings, I wake up at 5 AM just to be able to blog before work. I set alarms for 7:30 AM on the weekends, just so I can seize the perfect morning light for capturing a Christmas cookie. My freezer and countertop have been so full of goodies, I actually have to plan around them when I do my grocery shopping. Thank god for Amazon, Indigo and Canada Post, because otherwise my gift shopping would not have happened.

But, like doing anything you care about, it was all worth it.

This week, I gave out most of my cookies. The rest will be coming home for Christmas to be shared with family and friend in my hometown.

That’s the beauty of Christmas cookies. They are made to be shared with people you love.

Here are some recipes I’ve come to love (and readers do, too) throughout the season.

I hope you fall in love with them, too!

Classic shortbread cookies


Peppermint Oreo bark


Dark chocolate-dipped ginger cookies (As featured in the Huffington Post)


Peppermint bark cookies


Peanut butter snow globes


Lemon confetti cookies


Ginger sparkles


Bourbon spice cake with egg nog frosting


Brown sugar fudge blondies


Nutella cream cheese fudge


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